February 23

FOLKpark to present four conceptual design plans for Lower Kinnear Park at Thursday meeting



This Thursday, February 25, FOLKpark will be holding the second in a series of three community meetings on the enhancement and development of Lower Kinnear Park, where HBB Landscape Architecture will be presenting three alternative conceptual park improvement plans, as well as a fourth concerning the north trail link.

FOLKpark held its first planning meeting back in January, asking participants to tell them what they wanted out of Lower Kinnear Park. The alternative plans were drafted based on ideas and input from community members. Now FOLKpark is asking those interested to come back and give their thoughts on what the architects have brought to the table.

“There will be lots of opportunity that evening for the community to comment on what they like and what they see as challenges. The three plans each have different elements that came out of the January community meeting and the public survey (that had 88 responses!) that emphasized expanded and improved trails, connection to the waterfront and a stronger connection to Mercer Place,” said FOLKpark chair Debi Frausto.

Here is an overview of what each of the conceptual plans will entail:

  • Plan A:  Reworking the drainage and slope; gentler trail connection to Upper Queen Anne; replanting the slope with native urban forest vegetation, providing several “activity” nodes/viewpoints; strong Mercer Pl. connection. Download map here (.pdf).
  • Plan B:  Increasing connection with upper Queen Anne; tree house lookout; vertical stair climbs; walking trail/elevated boardwalk through the trees; ADA accessible routes; restore/replant tennis court area. Download map here (.pdf).
  • Plan C:  Relocating tennis court to trailside and interior of park; grassy hill to roll down; connecting stairs; Roy street entrance planting area provides transition into the urban forest with “rain gardens” and sustainable stormwater solutions. Download map here (.pdf).
  • North Trail Link: Extending a trail to an SDOT right-of-way directly across from the Helix Bridge allowing for greater public access to the waterfront. Download map here (.pdf).

In addition to the draft plans, FOLKpark and HBB will be presenting comments and ideas from PROView (a review board of the parks department), and the Landmarks Preservation Board at Thursday’s meeting. The Department of Parks and Recreation will also give the community an update on the proposed off-leash area in Lower Kinnear Park.

The redevelopment of Lower Kinnear Park is being funded by a $15,000 grant from the city’s Department of Neighborhoods, awarded to FOLKpark last year.

Thursday’s meeting will be held from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Bayview Retirement Community, located at 11 W. Aloha St.


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