May 5

Queen Anne residents rally to save parks programs



Queen Anne residents turned out in force during last night’s city budget hearing at North Seattle Community College.  They voiced their concerns about budget cuts that could impact the Queen Anne Community Center and Pool.

A loud crowd full of different organizations packed the cafeteria to plead their cases to Mayor Mike McGinn and the Seattle City Council. City officials are calling for a 3 percent cut across the Parks system, but insist there is no list detailing which parks, community centers, or pools might actually be impacted. But Queen Anne residents clearly feel programs at the community center and pool could be in jeopardy and wanted to make sure their voices were heard early in the process.

“I’m here for the community center because it’s so important,” said Queen Anne resident Rebecca Fink.  “These kids are doing homework together, playing together, bonding.  It gives the kids a place to go.”

The mayor and City Council were clearly moved by some of the stories they heard last night.

“We don’t have a specific proposal from Parks, but this discussion is very helpful to let us know what is important to you,” Mayor McGinn told the crowd.

The Parks department will come up with its suggested budget changes over the next several weeks before presenting them to the mayor. Three more public hearings are set for September and October.


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