May 26

Confrontation at Queen Anne bar leads to hate crime charges



We’ve obtained the charging documents detailing a confrontation at a Queen Anne bar that led to hate crime charges.  On May 19 around 12:45 a.m., an officer was called to the Jabu’s Pub on Roy Street for an incident involving a pistol.

It started when a man sitting at the bar overheard another man talking about how he and the Poles hate the German people. The man doing all the talking eventually asked the other customer where he worked. When the victim answered with an accent and said he was from Berlin, police say the other man pulled out a handgun, pointed it at the victim’s head, and yelled “I hate the f—–g Germans!” The victim then told the bartender what was happening and left the bar.

Officers later learned the suspect lived nearby and went to his apartment. After the victim and bartender identified the suspect, officers placed Gracjan Sebastian Adamczyk under arrest. Inside the apartment, authorities say they also found a rifle and a small marijuana grow operation.

Adamczyk, a dual citizen of the U.S. and Poland, is now charged with malicious harassment and assault.  He’s had five bookings and three warrants in the past.


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