June 4

Annual Bigelow Block Sale is back Saturday!



The 17th Annual Bigelow Block Sale is coming back to the hill this Saturday, June 5 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., when homes up and down Bigelow Ave N will participate in a pre-summer sale of all sorts of fun items (there have even been a car or two up for grabs in years past!).

Last year over 50 homes participated in the Bigelow Block Sale, and organizers expect similar numbers this year! Over 40 homes along Bigelow Ave N and its adjoining side streets have already signed up, according to organizer Coreen Kiefer. Each participating home pays a small registration fee for marketing costs, the remainder of which will be donated to the Queen Anne Helpline (around $200 last year).

“The sale is more like a huge neighborly event. Swarms of people are walking up and down the street and adjoining streets, there are balloons, people have their things on the street, driveways, garages and occasionally inside.  Items are everything from antiques to sample sales to lemonade stands to typical yard sale “stuff,” Kiefer wrote.

And for those ready to do some serious damage, Kiefer says there will be balloons directing shoppers to participating homes, lemonade stands to offer mid-sale sustenance, and “a ton of good deals.” For more information, check out the Bigelow Block Sale website. Want to register your home for the sale? Contact Coreen Kiefer directly at (206) 931-0663. Happy shopping!


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