June 11

Hawaiian-themed ‘Pub Run’ from SLU to Ballard



On Saturday, June 12 expect to see a hundred or so people running from through and around Queen Anne from bar to bar in Hawaiian attire. The ‘June Pub Run’ starts at noon in the South Lake Union neighborhood, ending in Ballard around 5 p.m. “For you first timers, we typically get 100 percent participation in the theme. Get out there and find yourself a costume! Hawaiian shirts, hula skirts, coconut tops, leis, etc.” the event Facebook page states. The group will hit seven pubs over five hours and about five miles. We’re told that meeting location information will be added Thursday night.

Coordinators ask for a $10 to $20 donation from each participant which will be donated for the educational programs at the Seattle Repertory Theatre. (Thanks Kelly for the tip!)


Ballard, Hawaiian theme, Pub Run, Queen Anne, Seattle Repertory Theatre, SLU

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