June 11

Screening of “A Chemical Reaction” Saturday



The Queen Anne Movie Guild will be screening A Chemical Reaction this Saturday, June 12, as part of its first Saturdays documentary film lineup.

The film follows a Canadian town that was able to successfully ban the use of pesticides, inciting a province-wide movement:

Dr. Irwin’s persuasive arguments and data to back her findings eventually led the town of Hudson to enact a by-law that banned the use of all chemical pesticides and herbicides.  The most mighty chemical companies in North America put their full legal weight on the tiny town and eventually the case made it to the Supreme Court.

The town’s right to protect its citizens was upheld, and — like a row of dominos — other municipalities followed suit. The movement spread so far and wide that the entire province of Quebec enacted a ban and Home Depot stopped putting the dangerous pesticide products on their shelves.

Paul Tukey, one of the nation’s leading experts on organic lawn care has been following this story for years. After becoming seriously ill with acute pesticide sensitivity from applying chemical lawn products in his own lawn care business, he became an outspoken advocate for alternatives to chemical lawn care.  He travels across the country lecturing on the subject and has written the nation’s leading book on organic lawn care titled, The Organic Lawn Care Manual.

This documentary follows his journey that leads to the doorstep of Hudson, Quebec. It’s an inspiring story of overcoming great odds and demonstrates the power of people coming together to effect great change in our society.

As always, the showing will begin at 7 p.m. at the Queen Anne United Methodist Church, located at 1606 5th Ave W (the pink building next to the Queen Anne Library). Moviegoers should use the Fellowship Hall entrance on W Garfield St. Admission is free (though donations are welcome) and coffee will be provided by Peet’s Coffee & Tea. Can’t make it this month? Next month the Guild will be showing Playing For Change: Peace Through Music.


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