July 14

Pictures from the Space Needle ’60s construction



A friend (thanks, Nina!) recently introduced me to VintageSeattle.org and some pretty amazing photos posted earlier this month of the Space Needle mid-construction prior to the 1962 World’s Fair.

VintageSeattle blogger Jess Cliffe gave us permission to re-post a few of the pictures, which were provided to him courtesy of Josh Salwitz (thanks, Jess…and Josh!).

What strikes me most about these photos—other than how Lower Queen Anne seems to have really sprung up around the Needle and Seattle Center, and how crazy the Needle itself looks all yellow and half-built—is the very modern quality of the images.

All of the pictures are dated between 1961 and 1962, though they almost look like someone Photoshopped an unfinished Space Needle into a present picture—if it weren’t for the missing buildings and ’60s cars giving the year away.

The man or woman who was behind the lens, however, is a mystery. “Don’t know who the original photographer was, sadly,” Jess wrote.

Want to see more? You can view all of the photos here.

(Photos courtesy of Jess Cliffe and Josh Salwitz; thanks to Nina Pardo for the tip).


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