November 1

Underdawg Records & Flow Lounge say goodbye



While the weekend was full of Halloween festivities, two local business silently closed up shop for good on Friday. Underdawg Records in Lower Queen Anne announced it would be closing last month, shuttering its doors this past weekend.

(Thanks to reader Jai Schellhammer for the picture!)

No word yet on what will be going into its space at 532 Queen Anne Ave. We’ll keep you posted as we find out more.

While Underdawg was ushering in its last few customers on Friday, another business—this one at the top of the hill—also said goodbye.

Flow Restaurant and Lounge, which opened up at the corner of Boston Street and Queen Anne Ave N back in February, also closed on Friday night. Flow was the latest venture from owner of Orrapin Thai Cuisine next door, and the former restaurant at this location, Opal Bistro.

One of our readers heard rumors that the location will be transformed into a Mexican restaurant. Blake wrote us last week,

We were at Flow until around 10 last night and we started talking to the waiter who mentioned that this Friday was their last night in business…. I guess the owners are closing up shop and a new “high-end” mexican restaurant / lounge is moving in.
We’ve put a call in to Flow and are waiting to hear back for confirmation. We’ll keep you posted as we hear more.


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