November 23

Pictures of Queen Anne’s snowpocalypse, day two



While only a few inches of snow fell on Queen Anne yesterday, it was enough to cover the Counterbalance, and many of the neighborhood’s other steep streets, in ice, and virtually prevent cars from going up and down the hill. Many of those that attempted to traverse the ice, turned the slopes into an icy, slippery bumper car arena (make sure to watch the videos).

This car was one of four in a five-car pile-up left overnight at Queen Anne Ave N and Ward St after sliding and crashing together late Monday night.

Today Queen Anne-ers wasted no time enjoying the ice before it melts off later today and tomorrow. Many neighbors have spent last night and today sledding down the hill, while weaving around the abandoned cars strewn across the road.

Sledders attempt to salvage the last of the ice on Queen Anne Ave N, swerving around the remaining cars that got stuck in the slippery mess Monday night.

As of 2 p.m. the Counterbalance was still closed to through traffic, however a few gutsy drivers have managed to move their cars off the hill by sliding down slowly and carefully.

And one tow truck managed to pick up one of the four cars that were still crunched together from the collision late last night (video here).

We’ll be posting a gallery of more Queen Anne snow fun (and chaos) pictures shortly. Have a pic or video you’d like to submit? Email us at, or post the link below.


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