Queen Anne block watch assists in burglar arrest

Posted on March 23rd, 2011 by master

One of the block watch groups here in Queen Anne, alongside a number of neighbors, aided police in the arrest of a burglar on Tuesday morning. From Seattle Police Department crime prevention officer Terrie Johnston:

This Tuesday morning, around 10 a.m. a woman on W. Comstock heard the sound of breaking glass nearby. She then saw a white male, in his 40’s running towards her. She attempted to talk w/the man, but he assured her all was fine and he got into a van and drove off. The witness was able to get a license plate and 9-1-1 was called. Many patrol units responded to the area.  About 20 mins. later a West Precinct supervisor found the abandoned van on 4th Ave. N. on the northern slope of Queen Anne hill. He ordered the van impounded. Astute block watchers on 4th Ave. N. called in suspicious activity and reported to 9-1-1 that the suspect got into an orange cab. West Precinct Burglary Theft Detectives monitoring the police radio recognized the description of this prolific criminal. They called the cab company and learned the suspect had been dropped in Belltown. Det. Owing and Det. Gaedcke found and arrested the burglar in Belltown shortly thereafter.

So many thanks to the witnesses who provided us w/suspect & vehicle descriptions, license plate numbers, and the information on the taxi cab. This was a great team effort between the community, patrol and the outstanding detectives!

As it turns out, Det. Owing is investigating some commercial burglaries that may now be solved with this arrest.

PS:  The breaking glass mentioned above was from the suspect’s attempt to break out a 4’ x4’ double-paned, aluminum-framed basement window. Because there was so much glass involved, it most likely deterred this burglar from entering the home. Call me to schedule a free home security assessment of your home, or to start/re-kindle your Block Watch. I can make recommendations on window treatments and security films that can make your glass stronger.

This is good work!!

For more information on other measures you can take to protect your home against residential burglaries, take a look at these tips from SPD.

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  1. jaye rowe says:

    Can you please provide Terrie Johnston’s number for those who want to call her for a security assessment?

  2. jaye rowe says:

    Can you please provide Terrie Johnston’s number for those who want to call her for a security assessment?

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