October 26

La Luna wants to grow with bigger sidewalk cafe



La Luna financial officer Ana Lira points to the area above the southeastern entry where she wants to extend and broaden the existing canopy. Photo by Michael

La Luna owner Ezequiela Romero and finance officer Ana Lira want to extend the sidewalk canopy at the restaurant at 2 Boston St.
Lira said in the plan for the sidewalk café permit application was for the extension and broadening of the existing canopy, which currently traces the restaurant’s southern wall but stops short of the restaurant’s southeastern entrance. The new canopy would cover more diners and invite more diners to eat al fresco. After a required public comment period, which ends Nov. 7, the city will reexamine the application.

La Luna wants to extend and broaden its canopy to attract more outdoor diners. Photo by Michael

The original plan was to have a broad canopy wrap-around the restaurant’s southern wall and its western frontage along Queen Anne Avenue North. Lira said she and Romero wanted outdoor dining along the Ave but city planners nixed the idea. Romero and Lira submitted the application this month.


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