March 1

City says Nickerson road diet working



A year-and-a half after putting Nickerson Street on a road diet, the city says collisions and speeding have been reduced. The controversial project, which was completed in August 2010, reconfigured the four-lane road into one lane in each direction, a center turn lane and bike lanes on either side.

“As our recent Road Safety Summit highlighted, all of us want to reduce collisions on city streets while working toward zero fatalities and serious injuries,” said Mayor Mike McGinn. “The first year of data is in. Nickerson is a safer street without reducing its ability to handle traffic.”

Since completion of the rechannelization project in August of 2010, the city says the changes have:

  • Reduced collisions by 23 percent over a one-year period (compared to the previous five-year average);
  • Motorists traveling over the speed limit have declined by more than 60 percent
  • Top-end speeders (people traveling 10 or more miles over the speed limit) have fallen by 90 percent.
  • Traffic volumes remain roughly the same with no evidence of traffic diversion.
  • According to a city press release, the cost to rechannelize the street was $241,973. This includes the addition of two crosswalks, changes to the sharp curve at 8th Ave W and widening lanes from 12 to 13 feet.


    Nickerson Street "road diet"

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