April 18

Queen Anne Books changes hands

Queen Anne Business


Queen Anne Books today announced it has a new owner, Katharine C. Hershey, a longtime resident of Queen Anne and loyal customer of the independent, neighborhood bookstore. Hershey assumes ownership of the store from former owner Patti McCall.

Ms. Hershey plans a seamless transition with the intent of maintaining the store’s tradition of community involvement. “This fulfills a lifelong dream I’ve had to own a bookstore, and most particularly to be a part of Queen Anne Books,” said Ms. Hershey. “This store is such an important part of the Queen Anne neighborhood. Clearly, bookstores and bookselling are in a time of huge transition. It is my goal to maintain our traditional bookselling model while embracing marketplace changes.”

Ms. Hershey, an attorney and former King County Superior Court commissioner, brings a passion for writing and reading to her new position. She is committed to enhancing the reading lives of children and young adults, and will continue Queen Anne Books’ history of working closely with neighborhood schools and local literacy programs.

Queen Anne Books has been part of the community since 1988. In 2004, owners Patti McCall and Cindy Mitchell moved the store to its current location, increasing the store’s square footage allowing for a larger children’s section. The larger space also has allowed Queen Anne Books to host in-store author events that connect readers with authors, such as international bestselling novelist Carlos Ruiz Zafon, who lists Queen Anne as one of the thirteen “places on planet earth that cheer [him] up” on his website. In 2008, Mitchell sold her interest in the store to McCall, making her the sole owner.

In 2011, Queen Anne Books won the Women’s National Book Association Pannell Award for General Bookstore, given to “booksellers who stimulate, promote and encourage children’s and young people’s interest in books.” The WNBA announced that the award was given in recognition of Queen Anne Books’ “clear understanding of the needs of young readers at different ages and stages.”

Queen Anne Books sponsors two popular in-store book groups, offers a customer loyalty program, maintains strong ties to local schools, and operates a successful website and ecommerce program. The bookstore specializes in helping readers find just the right book and bringing new books and authors into the community.

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On a personal note, I am delighted, both as a resident and author, that the store is staying open in safe, local hands. An independent bookstore in the neighborhood is an invaluable asset. I would be sad to see it disappear. I wish all the best to Ms. Hershey and would like to thank her personally for taking the store on.


Queen Anne Books

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