Easy Street Records Recognized by Mayor McGinn

Posted on November 1st, 2012 by Laura Fonda

Following on the heels of being named the King County Small Business of the Year, Easy Street Records has been recognized as a key independent Seattle business by Mayor Mike McGinn. The mayor chose Easy Street Records as the spotlight business for November’s In Good Company, a program that showcases businesses that “embody Seattle’s pioneering spirit and reflect Seattle at its best”.

According to Mayor McGinn:

“Easy Street Records embodies the diverse musical styles that Seattle produces and is an essential part of the community in the way they spread and promote Northwest music. Their commitment to their employees and to the community of Seattle is what makes them an excellent addition to the In Good Company program.”

The program recognizes locally owned businesses that are “unconventional, transformative and exemplary” – cementing the importance of the local, independent businesses that are the foundation of our neighborhood.

To further emphasize that point, here’s what Easy Street owner Matt Vaughan said in the mayor’s press release:

“We’re going to support anything that has to do with music and promoting the arts in Seattle. That’s our responsibility. As a small business owner, it is gratifying to see that Seattle folks tend to understand that by supporting small business, they are in effect recycling monies right back into their economy and effectively, right back into their local community.”

Check out the Seattle Channel video for Easy Street Records, owner Matt Vaughan talks about the history of Easy Street Records, free in-store performances, and the challenges of operating a small business – adjusting and innovating along the way.

Congratulations, Easy Street!

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