5 Spot Locks the Blue Door Today-Only in Prep for Election Night (Red Door Still Open)

Posted on November 2nd, 2012 by Laura Fonda

Throughout the Presidential campaign, the 5 Spot has hosted debate parties, offering special menu items and partnering with broVo Spirits for election-themed cocktails. Patrons can participate in the “vote with your liver” campaign and the 5 Spot has also been tallying “votes” cast via entry through either the red or blue door. Today only (Friday), however, the blue door has been locked to “give Mitt a chance” as the blue door has had heavy usage up to now. (you can vote via the blue door again tomorrow!)

Here were the counts as of the second Presidential debate:

Voting continues via cocktails and door entries through Election Day – and that night, there will be a special menu with items like “Little Big Bird Bites” and “Pro or Anti Pasto Plate”. Then, after the polls close, all broVo election cocktails will drop in price to $5 and draft beers will be $3 – so, regardless of the election results, you win!

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