Picture Perfect Queen Anne Needs Your Help to Keep Queen Anne Ave Beautiful

Posted on November 4th, 2012 by Laura Fonda

Picture Perfect Queen Anne (PPQA) is a volunteer-powered neighborhood alliance that revitalizes the streetscapes of Queen Anne Ave between McGraw and Galer Streets with gardens and pathways. PPQA’s goal is a pedestrian-friendly, safe, vibrant main street that everyone can enjoy. You’ve likely passed these little gardens without realizing the effort that PPQA has put into them – and now they need your help to keep them maintained:

To help fund its efforts, PPQA depends on donations from Queen Anne neighbors (both residential and business) and funding from the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods and the Office of Economic Development.

PPQA’s Green Gateways Gardens include spots at McGraw and Galer that were created in 2009 with funds from SDOT’s “Bridging The Gap” initiative and donations. In 2010, donations from Queen Anne merchants, residents, and organizations added to SDOT and Office of Economic Development funds to create 2200 feet of gardening space, with 3 seasons of professional maintenance included.

The first three seasons have come to an end and PPQA has launched the “Green Gateways QA: Keep Them Beautiful!” campaign to raise $8,500 to continue the public garden professional maintenance for three more years. Donations cover summer watering, year-round litter clean-up, pruning, weeding, and deadheading.

Thanks to the generosity of Queen Anne businesses and residents, PPQA has surpassed the 2/3 mark in its “Green Gateways QA: Keep Them Beautiful!” campaign, and has just $2,500 left to go – you can help PPQA by contributing via its web site. An individual can contribute as little as $5 per month or a one-time gift of your choice. Just 100 residents contributing $25 will meet the goal – a small amount to keep our main street beautiful!

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