Looking for Local Art? Seattle-Based Artsyo Aims to Make it Easier

Posted on November 9th, 2012 by Laura Fonda

“Uptown” by LR Odette

If you’re looking to stay close to home and buy work from local Seattle artists, Artsyo can help make that happen. Artsyo is a new web site created by two Seattleites who wanted to make the art-buying process more accessible and feature local artists.

You can limit your art search by type of work, color palette, and neighborhood – and while Queen Anne is not yet on the neighborhood list, the Artsyo team is working to identify Queen Anne galleries and artists for the site (see the contact info below if you’d like to connect with Artsyo).

Currently, over half of the artists on the site are independent, and Artsyo acts as their virtual gallery.  It’s free for artists to list art works (no limit), with Artsyo taking a 30% commission on pieces that sell through the site. If a piece is subject to a gallery commission, Artsyo waives its commission.

Artsyo just kicked off this month, and to celebrate the launch, Artsyo has a promo for the “saddest wall in Seattle” – submit your sad wall picture and story (50 words or less) by November 29th. The most creative and compelling entry will net the applicant his or her choice of original art by a Seattle artist, courtesy of Artsyo.

And, as of today (Friday), Artsyo has added a new twist to the giveaway – if you enter by November 16th you can be part of a random lottery to win any piece on Artsyo worth up to $100 and you’ll be eligible for the grand prize, too.

For more information go to Artsyo or call 206.486.6560.

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