Mashawi Mediterranean Opening Soon on Roy

Posted on November 13th, 2012 by Laura Fonda

Have I mentioned how much we love reader tips? Well, we do! I was less than a block from seeing this sign in person last night, but felt queasy from a flu shot, so went home and missed what a reader was savvy enough to snap and send – a new sign at the old Asian Breeze restaurant storefront at 366 Roy. Thanks to Mark for the tip and photo!

According to the sign, Mashawi Mediterranean is opening “soon” in the location – no word yet from the owner(s), but we’ll be watching this one. At this point, all I can pass along is that mashawi are “classic Arab food staples that consist of barbecued meat and poultry such as kebab and shish taouk. The most common types of meat used to make mashawi are lamb, beef and chicken. Pork is never used in authentic mashawi.”

Mashawi will be the second Mediterranean restaurant in the location, Mediterranean Kitchen occupied the space prior to Asian Breeze.

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