December 16

Seattle Center Armory Happy Hour Kickoff Rescheduled to February

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About a month ago, the Seattle Center announced that it’d be kicking off the new Armory Happy Hour on January 17. However, there’s been a slight change – the Seattle Center is delaying the Happy Hour launch until Thursday, February 21st. According to the Seattle Center, the delay is to ensure that the Happy Hour lives up to its name – “Seattle’s Best Damn Happy Hour”. With Winterfest running through January 6th, one can hardly blame them for needing some recovery time.

So, starting in February, the monthly Armory Happy Hour will be the third Thursday of every month, 5-8pm. In addition to Armory food and drinks (including beer, wine, and cocktails), the Armory will also have music and games such as bingo, mini-golf, trivia, and giant Jenga. You can also win Seattle Center prizes including both events and dining prizes.

Plus, don’t forget the Armory parking deal: when you spend $10 or more in food/beverages at the Armory, you get $1 parking for up to 90 minutes in the 5th Avenue Garage. If you park for more than 90 minutes, you get $2 off the regular rate.


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