Dilly is Now Home: Help Find Dilly! Lost Indoor Cat

Posted on January 8th, 2013 by Laura Fonda

UPDATE: Dilly found her way home early this morning! She is no longer lost, but instead safe and warm in her home.

Dilly is an indoor-only cat that got out on Sunday, January 6th. She ran outside and toward the wooded ravine area near Warren Ave N and Queen Anne Drive.

She’s never been outside, so please be on the lookout for her, especially if you live in the surrounding blocks. She responds to her name, but since this is her first venture outside, she may be hiding, so check your garages, under decks/porches, and wooded areas.

Dilly is a small spayed female, mostly grey with tan and a bit of white on her face. She has bright green eyes and responds to her name. Since she’s indoor-only, she isn’t wearing a collar.

Update 1/10 – Dilly is home!

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