More (Good) Rumors on Sonics Returning to Seattle and Playing at the Key

Posted on January 14th, 2013 by Laura Fonda

If you’re a Sonics fan, you’ve likely been lamenting their move to Oklahoma City since 2008 (and perhaps also rooting against the Thunder as revenge?). Well, after a back-and-forth of rumors since last Wednesday, all we have is near-confirmations, and more rumors.

However, the latest rumors say that there’s a “clear path” for the Kings to move to Seattle and be crowned the Sonics. The Kings have until March 1 to file to move cities. If the deal goes through and the deadline is met, the Sonics will play at the Key Arena for their first two seasons.

Having the Sonics back at the Key, even for a limited time, is good news for Queen Anne – Lower Queen Anne/Uptown has struggled since the Sonics left in 2008. Back in October, Easy Street Records owner Matt Vaughan told us about the impact of the Sonics leaving, citing them as the “most important tenant in Queen Anne” with sales dropping 30% or more when they left in 2008.

Lower Queen Anne/Uptown businesses would reap benefits from a Sonics season or two at the Key. With nearly 50 games played per year, an NBA team at the Key would bring in a lot of customer traffic for our local shops, restaurants, and bars. Back in 2008, our news partner, The Seattle Times, reported on the financial loss of the Sonics – citing some businesses losing between $40,000 and $150,00 per year after the Sonics left.

Let’s hope this deal happens for both Seattle and Queen Anne!

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