Free movie posters at SIFF Film Center this Sunday

Posted on February 7th, 2013 by Laura Fonda

SIFF is running over with movie posters, and to make room they’re giving them away! That’s right, you can pick up FREE movie posters at the SIFF Film Center this Sunday – just bring your own bags, poster tubes, rubber bags, and a donation of your choosing (yes, the posters are free, but please help support SIFF when you snag your favorites!).

SIFF doesn’t have a list of title and you can’t reserve a poster in advance, it’s first-come, first choice. However, if you purchase a ticket to the SIFF Oscar Snubs Movie Marathon (some of the titles may bring back crazy-angry memories), you get first selection from 1-2pm. Everyone else has to wait until 2pm, and the poster clearance giveaway lasts til 5pm or posters are gone.

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