February 13

Two new Little Free Libraries have popped up on Queen Anne

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Today on my walk around the neighborhood, I spotted not one, but two new Little Free Libraries. They both have great selections of reading material and bring our total of Little Free Libraries to four – three on Upper Queen Anne and one on Lower Queen Anne.

First up, the one at Bigelow and Garfield. This is the younger of the two, as it isn’t even on the list of Little Free Libraries yet. But, it has a great selection of reading materials and it’s on the Crown of Queen Anne, so it’s sure to be popular with people who walk the popular route (and maybe run too, although personally I can’t imagine carrying a book while running).

Next up, a Little Free Library on Aloha, between 2nd Ave N and Warren Ave N.  This one has been around since January, and is fully stocked – if you haven’t read “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” yet, they have a copy. Plus, it’s conveniently located for Lower Queen Anne/Uptown residents, and the owner has even provided some pavers to access it mud-free.

Our other two Queen Anne Little Free Libraries are still going strong. If you haven’t checked them out yet, the first one is on 2nd Ave W between Boston and Crockett, and the second one is on McGraw between Queen Anne Ave N and 1st Ave N.

If you spot a new Little Free Library, let us know!


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