Davis Freeman’s Looking Forward exhibit celebrates the super heroes of our time

Posted on February 19th, 2013 by Laura Fonda

You may have come across a striking photography exhibit at the Seattle Center late last year, featuring large portraits of young entrepreneurs that are making a difference.

Looking Forward: the new heroes installation included 15 life-size portraits of young, local entrepreneurs and was commissioned as part of The Next Fifty celebration of the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair. If you missed it, the installation is now on view at the Washington State Convention Center through April 2nd – you have another chance to see the work of Davis Freeman, an internationally known, Queen Anne-based artist.

Davis Freeman’s work highlights 15 young social entrepreneurs from around the world via life-size portraits on brushed aluminum that celebrate their lives and work. Through these portraits, Davis’ exhibit tells the story of how these people are the “super heroes of our time”, who identify a problem, make it right, and leave a lasting positive impact. Among the images, you can also spot his signature portrait style, a triptych alongside 12 individual portraits.

The project began in July 2011 with the selection of the subjects – Davis read dozens of bios to identify the final subjects who have received recognition for their work.

“I had to work with a limited exhibition space and had less than nine months to pull together the project. I was very interested in a balance of diversity and people who had the right kind of energy. A subject’s energy, personality, and spirit always show in a good portrait. These are interesting, well rounded young adults with great heart, individual style, and a strong sense of responsibility.”

The subjects in Davis’ installation include some Queen Anne connections as well – Brad Gillis and Ben Friedman are the co-owners of HomeGrown, located on the corner of Boston and Queen Anne Ave N; Lauren Burman owns Material Good, a Queen Anne-based business that sells Little Shirley ceramic vases, with proceeds supporting cancer research.

Brad Gillis and Ben Friedman
Courtesy of Davis Freeman

Lauren Burman
Courtesy of Davis Freeman

The exhibition is on display now through April 2, 2013 at the Washington State Convention Center (view Level 2, North Gallery, 800 Convention Place).

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