Nominate your favorite garden for QAHS’s Queen Anne Park & Garden Tour

Posted on March 14th, 2013 by Laura Fonda

You’ve likely seen garden tours in other neighborhoods, and now, thanks to the Queen Anne Historical Society (QAHS), we’ll have one of our own! The Queen Anne Park & Garden Tour is tentatively schedule for mid-May, and they have a call for submissions of private gardens and nominations of public spaces.

Who better to describe this exciting new tour and the call for submissions than the QAHS? I’m turning this one over to them – check out the details below and enter your submissions by April 30th.

Queen Anne Park & Garden Tour
Presented by the Queen Anne Historical Society

Parsons Garden
Photo courtesy of QAHS

We can often walk by outdoor spaces without any knowledge of their design, stewardship, or history. These can be common spaces we interact with daily and secret gardens only visible from small meandering paths.

The Queen Anne Historical Society is pleased to announce a tour of public and private parks and gardens of our community. We aim to provide a tour that enlightens us all to these wonderful creative spaces rich with stories and colorful foliage. Each stop will feature lively commentary, experts on garden design and the stewards of the spaces. We all ready have a couple locations set, but would like your help to discover more of these rare gems that make our neighborhood great!

Queen Anne Lace
Photo courtesy of QAHS

Do you have a garden or outdoor space that you would like to share with your community? Do you have a reclusive neighbor who has an amazing garden, that you have always wanted to see more of, but haven’t had a good excuse to inquire about it? These gardens don’t have to be immaculate, and they don’t necessarily have to be historic, just spaces with great stories to tell.

Please submit one image that best represents your garden or public space and a short paragraph description of its history and why it’s important to you.

If you don’t have a garden to share, but would like to join us on this tour, you can become a member of the Queen Anne Historical Society to stay updated, follow QAHS on Facebook, or contact QAHS via email.
[Editor’s Note: I’ll also be posting info on the tour here on Queen Anne View]

Submission deadline: April 30th
Email your submissions or interest in the tour to Aaron Luoma

The tour is tentatively schedule for the middle of May; dates will be published after the submission deadline, as we don’t want to miss anyone!

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