Cederberg Tea House will bring the taste of South Africa to Queen Anne

Posted on May 7th, 2013 by Laura Fonda

Cederberg Tea signWe’ve had several tips from readers this past week about a sign going up at the shop across the hallway/courtyard from Chase Bank at 1417 Queen Anne Ave N, so I took advantage of the splendid weather to stop by and take a look – sure enough, there’s a sign for a new tea shop, and the owners are keeping it local while sharing their South African heritage.

Cederberg Tea House is set to open in June, and it puts a different spin on the typical tea shop with traditional South African sweet and savory baked goods, South African Rooibos tea, and espresso for those of you whose beverages take a coffee form.

The new shop is a mother-daughter venture – that’s right, a new family-owned, independent business is moving into Queen Anne. Native South Africans Natasha Robson-Lovato and Cecile Robson, now at home in Seattle, are at the helm of the new tea shop. Cederberg Tea House originally began as a local catering company named after the region where Rooibos tea grows, and now they’re putting down roots on top of Queen Anne.


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Cederberg Tea House

Natasha and Cecile are busy getting it ready for a June opening, and the menu promises delicacies you can’t get elsewhere in Seattle:

  • Rooibos Lattes and Cappuccinos: Rooibos tea is pulled through an espresso machine to produce a strong shot of tea with the strength and body of a regular espresso latte, but the unique flavor of tea. Cederberg promises you can’t get this traditional South African drink anywhere else in Seattle.
  • South African treats: you can taste a wide range of baked goods including Koeksisters, syrup soaked doughnuts; Melkterts, traditional custard tarts; Hertzogs, jam filled tarts with a coconut meringue topping; Crunchies, coconut, oatmeal and butter cookies; South African Fudge (which has no chocolate – check it out), and more.

Co-owner Natasha says they’re looking forward to being part of the Queen Anne community and sharing a taste of South Africa:

“Queen Anne is such a perfect location for what we are doing, because Queen Anne residents really seem to embrace small, locally owned businesses, which is exactly what we are… We can’t wait to share the treats and drinks from our home South Africa.”

Mark your calendars for June, and get ready to experience some new treats, teas, and coffee at the corner of Galer and Queen Anne Ave N.

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