SPU Theatre production of Mamet’s Frog Prince begins this Tuesday

Posted on May 18th, 2013 by Laura Fonda

The Seattle Pacific University Theatre is kicking off its production of David Mamet’s The Frog Prince this Tuesday on the Backstage Theatre of McKinley Hall.

The SPU Theatre department describes the play as a twist on the classic Brothers Grimm fairy tale with the prince turned into a frog when he refuses to give up a bouquet of flowers. The Prince and his Servingman embark on a journey to find the only Milkmaid who can undo the spell.

Mamet’s version of the classic Grimm fairy tale was first staged in 1982 as a short play in Chicago in 1982. The Chicago Tribune described it as follows:

“In Mamet’s treatment, this familiar tale is a tender and witty account of the prince’s education, from spoiled snob to loving friend. Through adversity, he learns the value of devotion and bravery, and becomes a sadder, wiser and better person because of it… The play, only about a half-hour long, is a beautifully constructed work, beginning and ending with the prince picking a bunch of flowers in the woods. In between those two events, however, Mamet shows, in a few spare scenes and with a few simple words, how much the character of the once vain and selfish prince has changed.”

SPU promises it will provide entertainment for the whole family, but notes that children under 5 will not be admitted. On their Facebook page, they suggest that a 4th grader will enjoy it, but it may not hold the attention of a 1st grader.

The production runs May 21-25, with a 2pm matinee performance only on the 25th. All performances begin at 7:30pm except for May 25, which is a matinee only performance at 2pm. Tickets are $6 each, with group rates available for 20 or more.

For tickets, visit the box office online or call 206.281.2959.

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