Jeep attacks cyclist on Ship Canal Trail near SPU

Posted on July 24th, 2013 by Laura Fonda

Ship Canal Trail Cyclist Attack

Photo courtesy of Seattle Bike Blog

From the Seattle Bike Blog comes a scary story of what may be “attempted vehicular assault” on a cyclist this morning on the Ship Canal Trail near Seattle Pacific University. According to an email sent to the Seattle Bike Blog, a cyclist was almost run down by a man driving a white, late 90s Jeep Grand Cherokee on the trail (yes, on the trail, not on the road).

If you saw anything this morning around 7:30am or have seen the car described, please contact the Seattle Police Department. Here’s the description from the blog:

“55-65yr old white man, plaid shirt, wire glasses, driving a late 90′s white jeep grand cherokee. This was on the Ship Canal Trail between 3rd and 6th avenue (right near SPU and the Ship Canal. Cops came and took a report, but neither me or the really nice neighbor who came down and also gave a report to the police got a license or photo. The police will likely write it up as attempted vehicular assault, this was at about 7:30am this morning.”

Luckily, the cyclist is safe, but his bike was totaled, as you can see in the photo. For the full story, go to the Seattle Bike Blog, and keep an eye out for the suspect.

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