Cupcake Royale is coming to Queen Anne

Posted on August 16th, 2013 by Laura Fonda

Cupcake Royale logoLocal cupcake purveyor Cupcake Royale is opening its 7th Seattle location right here on Queen Anne. The new shop will be opening in the old Pasta & Co. location at 1935 Queen Anne Ave N by mid-September.

The Queen Anne location will have the usual Cupcake Royale fare such as cupcakes, ice cream, shakes, and sundaes. But, to make it stand out a bit, the Queen Anne location will have a different look and a 12-seat communal table – likely what I saw marked out in blue tape when I peeked through the windows last week, tipped by a delivery notice on the door.

The communal table will be ideal for Sprinkle parties and after school crowd gatherings, plus the shop will feature a sprinkle bar for kids, a bakeshop visible from the café so you can watch cupcakes-in-the-making, and the large roll-top garage doors will provide an indoor/outdoor experience perfect for QAFM days. For coffee lovers, Cupcake Royale Queen Anne will feature one of the first pulled Stumptown Cold Brew coffee taps in Seattle.

According to Cupcake Royale founder and owner Jody Hall:

“We couldn’t be more excited about this store opening. Not only is Queen Anne a neighborhood that we have always loved that just feels right for us, but the community is perfect for us. Our spot on the Avenue lends itself well to the community aspect from the farmers market, the after school hangout, the proximity to the parks, community center and pool; the proximity to many lovely shopkeepers, even those who enjoy a stroll on the street and nearby parks, or are looking for a quiet spot to grab a cup of coffee and call the café their office for the morning.”

The new shop is slated to open in mid-September, so you can expect them to roll up the glass doors that face Crockett St on Queen Anne Farmers Market days, which run all the way through October 31st.

If this news makes your sweet tooth ache, fret not, prior to opening, the Cupcake Royale ice cream cart will be out front on Thursdays through Sundays from noon to around 7pm. You’ll be able to get ice cream, ice cream sammies, cupcakes and Stumptown Cold Brew, holding you over ‘til cupcakes fill the cases in September!

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