November 24

Queen Anne Little Free Library count now at 16

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Just a little over a year ago, Queen Anne had only two Little Free Libraries. We’ve been posting on new LFLs since then, and wow, they have multiplied! Since that first October 2012 post, we’ve tracked LFLs via spotting them around Queen Anne, reader tips, and owner emails, and Queen Anne now has 16 LFLs!

A year ago, double-digits seemed like a distant goal, and now we’re closing in on 20 LFLs. Perhaps the most in any Seattle neighborhood? If you’re interested in setting up your own LFL, check out the info here on setting one up and becoming a LFL steward. Let’s see if we can hit 20 or even more!

First up for our new LFLs is one at 444 Smith St. We actually captured this one back in September, but were busy searching for one near Bertona St too (if you know where the Bertona one is, please let us know). It’s located near the dead end of Smith St on East Queen Anne. If you’re on your way to or from the 7 way stop on 4th N, it’s practically on the way:


Next up, a couple of LFLs I discovered on walks around the neighborhood. One sits directly across from Big Howe Park at 1811 3rd Ave W, the other at 1525 1st Ave N, just a block away from the businesses along Queen Anne Ave. So, whether you’ve found a sunny spot for reading at the park or want to stop by and pick up a book while shopping, you have options:

And, finally, the newest LFL on Queen Anne – it’s at 1821 9th Ave W, and its owner sent us the photo just this weekend. As you can see from the photo, it’s super-new, and needs some books! Stop by this new LFL if you have a book or two to share with the neighborhood:

 LFL 9th Ave W

The map (with photos) of the Queen Anne LFLs is below – click to navigate around the 16 LFLs. We’ve also updated the photo gallery with pictures of all of them. Thanks to everyone who helps keep our LFL list up-to-date. And, if you know of a LFL that we’ve missed, let us know!

Queen Anne LFL Map 112313

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