Parks maintenance includes removal of Queen Anne Boulevard trees

Posted on December 18th, 2013 by Laura Fonda

Over the Thanksgiving holidays, a Queen Anne Boulevard tree near Bhy Kracke Park had a Seattle Parks and Recreation sign chained to it, alerting residents to tree maintenance and possible tree removal:

Since then, the trees on the west side of Bigelow Ave N from Boston to Newton St have been significantly trimmed to make way for existing power lines. These trees border Queen Anne Elementary, for those of you who navigate via landmarks.

Fast forward to today, and crews were at work, removing a very large tree on the east side of Bigelow at Highland Drive. You can see the scale from the pictures below:

Boulevard tree 1    

I asked the crew if it was sick, they said they didn’t know, but it may have been buckling a sidewalk (which, by the way, is nonexistent on that side of the road, so that’s not really accurate). However, they did say that the tree would likely be going to a woodworking shop where it’ll become “much sought-after” tables.

The aforementioned tree with the sign? Looks like it was removed recently, all that remains is a stump.

So, if you run, walk, or drive the Boulevard, there are now some gaps in the tree-lined route along the way.

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  1. Michael Finn says:

    Could the leaves on QA boulevard between 3rd and forth Ave W on McGraw Pl get picked up. There are mounds of leaves in the street

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