Windstorm knocks down tree next to Ballard Mansion on Highland Drive

Posted on January 12th, 2014 by Laura Fonda

The winds today were not kind to a tree along the side of the Ballard Mansion (aka Ballard House) at 22 W Highland Dr. A reader sent us the video that was sent to KING 5 (thanks, Mark!) – you can see the tree come down to the left of the house:

Ballard House video

The Ballard House was spared from tree damage. Built in 1901 as the home of Martin D. Ballard, founder of the Seattle Hardware Company, the home now houses six apartments.

According to the KING 5 article, the house was undamaged as the tree landed in between the house and a garage. Here’s a picture of where it landed from a reader via Facebook (thanks, Rhia!):

Ballard House side view

This downed tree may help explain an earlier power outage near Highland and Queen Anne Ave N, which has since been resolved, per Seattle City Light.

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