Love our Queen Anne trees? Become a Tree Ambassador!

Posted on February 8th, 2014 by Laura Fonda

Queen Anne Boulevard trees 7th Ave W

Queen Anne trees along 7th Ave W

We are lucky to have some pretty spectacular trees on Queen Anne, and some very passionate tree lovers as well. Any time a tree is trimmed for power lines, is cut down by the Parks department, or falls during a storm, we get emails. And, I’ve seen people literally hugging trees along the Boulevard.

So, heads up tree lovers – the city is looking for you to become a Tree Ambassador. From the City of Seattle, here’s the info you need to know:

tree ambassadorThe City of Seattle’s reLeaf program is looking for new Tree Ambassadors. Tree Ambassadors are a valued part of Seattle’s urban forestry network. Tree Ambassadors nurture Seattle’s trees. Volunteers are trained within a project area and have the opportunity to attend a variety of fun and informative workshops on topics like pruning, tree identification, and community engagement.

beacon hill tree ambassadors

Beacon Hill Tree Ambassadors
Let’s get some Queen Anne Ambassadors!

Tree Ambassadors also get opportunities for unique experiences like learning to climb trees with professional rigging and tours of local botanic treasures. Volunteers who complete project training get a free t-shirt and name tag.

Seattle reLeaf is currently recruiting new Tree Ambassadors in three project areas:

  1. Tree Walks: Show off your favorite trees in your favorite part of Seattle. You’ll learn the basics of making maps, identifying trees, and creating walking routes to engage your neighbors and coworkers in the urban landscape. Check out the tree walks created by current Tree Ambassadors here!
    Next training: Wednesday, March 12 and Saturday, March 15 (attend both)
  1. Landscape Renewal:  Does seeing a tree choked by ivy drive you crazy? This project track is for you. This project track will teach you to plan and organize small-scale renovation projects. Renovation work includes removing invasive plants, planting trees and understory plants, and mulching. You’ll learn how to develop a plan, recruit volunteers, and lead work parties.
    Next trainingWednesday, April 2 and Saturday, April 5 (attend both)
  1. Street Tree Stewardship: Never fear young street trees, the Tree Ambassadors are here! Volunteers in this project area adopt street tree plantings and help the City’s young street trees thrive. Tree Ambassadors learn to plan work parties and recruit volunteers to mulch, weed, and care for the trees that are essential to making Seattle’s neighborhoods walkable, sustainable, beautiful, and healthy.
    Next training: May 17

The city is looking for tree lovers – no previous tree experience is necessary for any of the project areas. If you’re interested in learning more or applying to become a Tree Ambassador, please visit the website. If you have questions, you can contact Seattle reLeaf via email or phone at 206-615-1668.

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