Seattle Animal Shelter Pet of the Week: Pups

Posted on February 15th, 2014 by Laura Fonda

On Fridays we feature an adoptable pet from the Seattle Animal Shelter (SAS). SAS is located at 2061 15th Ave W, just north of Whole Foods, at the corner of W. Armory Way. SAS is open Wednesday – Sunday, noon-6pm.

Queen Anne View has not met any of these pets – SAS is providing us with the description, as they know them well. We encourage potential adopters to get in touch with SAS and work with them to evaluate the compatibility of your home and a new pet.


Meet Pup!

Hi, I’m Pup! I’m a wee bit of a lass, weighing in at only 4 lbs. I’ve been called a Toy Fox Terrier and a Chihuahua, and I could be either of those, or a mix of both. I’m around 13 years old and find myself looking for a new forever home because my life long guardian passed away. I’m staying in a foster home now and it’s great, but I really need to find a new person or persons to call my mine.

I’m a great companion and I’d love my new home to be with someone who is home a lot. I’ll follow you around the house, supervise you while you work or cook, and go exploring in the yard. (I’m quite the adventurer, spryly trekking around 5 acres of hill and dale!) I’m learning to walk on a leash and really enjoy walks, but don’t need to be walked everyday. I’d probably be an excellent gardening companion, and I might enjoy having a friendly canine companion of a similar size and temperament. I’ve met a few cats that were very friendly, and I’m okay with them, too.

Pup 2014-1-21 3I’m a bit of a paradox. I like to be with my people, and will enjoy curling up on the bed or couch with you, or sleeping on your lap, but I really don’t like being pet or picked up, and will let you know it. My foster mom picks me up with a towel, kind of like swaddling a baby in a blanket, and I find that less stressful than being picked up directly. My eyesight isn’t the best, and that could be one of the reasons I startle so easily. I really need a calm and quiet home – without children – that will respect my boundaries about being touched and picked up, and go real slow with me. The world can be a scary place when you’re as tiny as I am, but once I get to know and trust you I’ll relax a bit, I even give my foster mom “play bows” and come to her for pets now.

I’m called the “Guard Mouse” sometimes because I’ll dutifully let you know when someone is at the door, but then I’m quick to welcome new friends, especially if they have a tasty treat. I also have an adorable “cry” that I use when I really want something and sometimes I “baa” like a lamb. My foster mom says I’m almost house trained but will be a bit unreliable when settling into a new home, so you’ll need to be patient with me and establish a routine. (When my foster mom is at work, I use pee pads if I have to go.)

I’m anxious to find my new home and if you think we might be just right for each other, please fill out an application right away so we can meet. I may be a bit complicated, but I’m worth it!

This wonderful dog qualifies for the Senior Citizen Discount program: senior citizens or disabled adults with a ‘Gold Card for Healthy Aging’, or a ‘FLASH’ card, issued by the City of Seattle, may adopt an adult dog (at least six years old) at a special price. There will be no fee for the adoption itself, and the licensing fee will be half-price!

Pup (SAS #13-11644) is being adored in a foster home, she is not at the Shelter. If you would like to meet her, you must submit a Dog Adoption Application to SAS. Download the application and follow the instructions for submitting via email or fax. Or you may pick up an application at the Shelter. If you have general questions about this dog, you may call the Shelter’s Animal Care Staff at 206-386-4294.

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