February 26

New Little Free Library is Queen Anne’s 18th LFL

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We’re closing in on twenty Little Free Libraries (LFLs) on Queen Anne – surely that’s a Seattle neighborhood record? As always, if you have a LFL, spot one that’s not on our map, or add one of your own, let us know! The map is below, and photos of all 18 LFLs are in our LFL gallery.

The newest Little Free Library is at approximately 3612 12th Ave W, the house number is actually an 11th Ave W address, but the LFL is on the east side of 12th Ave W. The LFL’s steward wrote us to let us know about it, and shared some info on it as well.

First up, here’s the LFL itself, built by Seattle Urban Farm Co:

LFL 12th Ave

And, here’s some of the story behind it – you’ll notice the little dedication plaque for Hugo, just below the door. Hugo is the stewards’ Wire-Haired Fox Terrier who they lost last year after 17 loyal years.

LFL 12th Ave Plaque 2  LFL dog

According to the stewards, they hope the LFL will be a “a great way to interact with neighbors” and they’re hoping to add to the collection with something for everyone. It’s certainly a nice anchor on our map in NW Queen Anne!

LFL Map 022514


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