Seattle Animal Shelter Pet of the Week: Kiki

Posted on March 14th, 2014 by Laura Fonda

On Fridays we feature an adoptable pet from the Seattle Animal Shelter (SAS). SAS is located at 2061 15th Ave W, just north of Whole Foods, at the corner of W. Armory Way. SAS is open Wednesday – Sunday, noon-6pm.

Queen Anne View has not met any of these pets – SAS is providing us with the description, as they know them well. We encourage potential adopters to get in touch with SAS and work with them to evaluate the compatibility of your home and a new pet.

Updates on previous pets:
Godiva (black & white kitty) – available for adoption
Murasaki (Calico kitty) – available for adoption
Slim (corn snake) – availalble for adoption, now in a foster home, call 206-684-0685, or send email


Meet Kiki

Hi, Kiki here! I’m a wee snip of a 5-year-old Siamese girl with lynx point markings and round blue eyes. True to the Siamese nature, I am intelligent (not to brag!), outgoing, and very friendly. The word “stranger” is not in my lexicon.

I love to sit on laps and be petted – under the chin is a favorite spot – and I enjoy being groomed and using my scratching post. At playtime, I am particularly fond of the whirly bird and furry mice.

Kiki 2014-3-12 2I will want to be involved with whatever you are doing. If you must go out, perhaps to buy cat food, I would welcome a nice window perch where I could watch the birds and wait patiently until you return.

A moderately active household with no other cats would suit me well. Does that sound like a perfect arrangement? Please hurry down to meet me!

Kiki (SAS #14-14514) is at the Seattle Animal Shelter. Cat Adoption Applications are available in the Shelter lobby, or you may download theapplication and bring it with you to the Shelter or follow the directions to submit it via email or fax.

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