Writing class on Lake Union focuses on capturing your adventures

Posted on March 25th, 2014 by Laura Fonda

Are you an aspiring travel writer? Looking to start a blog? Or, perhaps you’re a seasoned journalist or author looking for new inspiration?

The UW Experimental College is taking to the seas – or, rather, Lake Union – for a one-night Adventure Writing Class. What sets this class apart from the usual writing class is that it takes place on a boat moored on Lake Union. Inspiring views and a tranquil location will serve to inspire your inner writer.

Here’s the course description:

“Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a Himalayan climber, you can write (and publish!) about your travels. As you learn how to transition from keeping a travel journal to creating publishable work, we’ll read examples of successful magazine pitches, practice pitching stories to best attract the attention of editors, generate ideas from your own travel history, and refine your writing so that your stories will be as moving to readers as they are to you. Whether you’re a beginner who wants to start a blog or an established writer aiming for National Geographic, you’ll learn something here.”

The one-night class will be held on one of the boats at Lake Union Charters & Adventures at 2420 Westlake Ave. The boat won’t actually set sail, it’ll stay moored with views of Lake Union from the Queen Anne side (good news for those prone to sea-queasiness who still want to enjoy the view).

The class is open to the public, and there are two dates to choose from – Tuesday, April 22nd or Wednesday, May 14th. Fee information and registration is available online.

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