Mercer becomes a two-way street this week, Roy St follows week of May 12

Posted on May 3rd, 2014 by Laura Fonda

You may have noticed some new traffic lights this week, and a traffic shift yesterday, Friday, May 2 as SDOT prepares to open Mercer to two-way traffic starting this coming week. Right not, two eastbound Mercer lanes have been shifted permanently to the south side of Mercer. (Phase I)

Next up – two-way traffic between 1st Ave N and 5th  Ave N begins the week of May 5th. SDOT crews will first convert signals, which could take most of the week. Keep an eye out for signs as traffic is routed around crews.

SDOT advises that this phase (Phase II) could take several days and may not begin until near the end of the week, depending on weather.

Then, beginning the week of May 12, Phase II turns its attention to Roy St and Queen Anne Ave N – both streets will have restrictions as Roy St is converted to two-way traffic.

Click to enlarge the map of Phase II below:

Mercer Phase II

The final phase (Phase III) of converting Mercer Street to two-way traffic focuses on the stretch between 5th Ave N and 9th Ave N. Broad Street will be closed during this phase, which is set to happen immediately after Memorial Day (May 26).

Mercer Phase III

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