Request from a SPU student: walk your dogs at SPU today

Posted on June 6th, 2014 by Laura Fonda


My pup, ready to walk!

The entire Queen Anne community and Seattle Pacific University students and staff are still recovering from yesterday’s horrific events on the SPU campus. How can you help support the students? It can be simple…

We’ve received a request from a SPU student, asking that Queen Anne residents walk their dogs on the SPU campus today to show support and help the SPU community recover via the emotional bond with dogs.

Here’s more on her request to the Queen Anne community:

“My name is Hannah and I am a senior at Seattle Pacific University. In light of yesterday’s tragic events, my community is broken. I understand that Queen Anne is a community filled with dog walkers. If there is any way you can communicate to the Queen Anne Community to walk their dogs on the SPU campus today and support the students, it would be so immensely appreciated. I have read in my psychology book about the power of dogs and their ability to ease pain and comfort the suffering.”

So, if you haven’t yet walked your dog today, snap on the leash, head over to SPU, and show your support.

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