Crows are on the attack, get them on the map

Posted on June 9th, 2014 by Laura Fonda

It’s that time of year, crows are protecting their young and that means they’re attacking people. Last year, we received several reports on crow attacks. This year, via Twitter, we know that there’s a very protective crow near John Hay Elementary, on Nob Hill Ave N, 1/2 a block north of Garfield St.

What’s new about this year’s crow attacks? The Seattle Times is mapping out the attacks, so you can see where they’re active. And, if you get attacked, you can submit your attack location to be added to the map.

Here’s the map as it stands today:

Crow Map June 2014

To submit your own crow attack, you can either comment on the Seattle Times blog post or tweet your crow attack location t0 @bobpayne_times.

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