Seattle Animal Shelter Pet of the Week: Critters!

Posted on July 11th, 2014 by Laura Fonda

On Fridays we feature an adoptable pet from the Seattle Animal Shelter (SAS). SAS is located at 2061 15th Ave W, just north of Whole Foods, at the corner of W. Armory Way. SAS is open Wednesday – Sunday, noon-6pm.

Queen Anne View has not met any of these pets – SAS is providing us with the description, as they know them well. We encourage potential adopters to get in touch with SAS and work with them to evaluate the compatibility of your home and a new pet.
Updates on previous pets:                 

Bella – (dilute torti kitty with loads of personality) available for adoption
Bunnies – Bella, Luna & Roscoe available for adoption
Mama (lap cat) – available for adoption
Chinchillas – available for adoption
Angie & Ninja (pair of senior dogs) – available for adoption
Cosmo (yellow lab mix) – available for adoption
Pounce (silky grey cat) – available for adoption
Elsa (white kitty) – available for adoption


Critters of Every Shape and Size

The Seattle Animal Shelter provides refuge for a wide range of animals. This week, meet some of the less common pets that we have available for adoption.

The Dove Family – Bubbles, Promise and Picasso (SAS ID #14-18589/1-3)

This adorable mom, dad, and baby trio are looking for a forever home together. You’ll be charmed in no time by their sweet cooing and gentle nature. Doves are very social and do well with other doves. They are good pets for both novice and experienced bird owners. Doves require simple housing, protection from extreme elements, easily accessible food, and clean water. They are usually active from sun up to sun down. The dove family is at the Shelter. 

Archimedes – The Red-eared Slider Turtle (SAS ID #14-16407)

Archimedes 2014-7-11 1Archimedes is an active and handsome red-eared slider turtle. He’s currently sharing a tank with several other slider turtles at the shelter, all of whom are looking for good forever homes.

Archimedes has an old injury on his shell, which has healed, that adds to his character.

Slider turtles have special requirements in order to stay happy and healthy. Potential adopters should have previous experience with exotic turtles and/or have done extensive research on their care and needs. Archimedes is at the Shelter. 

And Don’t Forget the Chinchillas!

Skylar Smore 2014-7-11 1The Shelter took in 21 neglected chinchillas in April – read more about them here. We still have some chins available for adoption, like Skylar and S’more (how cute are they?!)

Skylar Smore 2014-7-11 2Skylar is a grey and white chinchilla girl who is friendly, curious about the world, and the leader of the group. She makes herself right at home–whether that’s your lap, on a desk, or exploring under the bed. She’s gregarious and active, and loves to play with your hair and nibble on your nose.

Skylar Smore 2014-7-11 3S’more is a dark brown chinchilla girl with a cute, pointy face. She’s less adventurous than Skylar, but she enjoys the routine of our day. She likes to approach you on her terms, and when you let her decide when it’s time to interact, she’ll try to climb into your pockets. When she’s had enough playtime, she gets back in the cage all on her own.

Skylar and S’more (SAS ID #14-16301/19 & 21) are a bonded pair of female chinchillas who must be adopted together. They are in a foster home, not at the Shelter. Potential adopters should complete a small animal adoption application and fax it to (206) 386-4285 attention Laura Mundy, email it to or call (206) 684-0685 to arrange a meeting. Thank you!

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