August 21

Free Queen Anne Historical Society tour of Mt Pleasant Cemetery is tomorrow

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Every summer the Queen Anne Historical Society hosts a free tour of Mt Pleasant Cemetery. Today, we got late notice that the tour is tomorrow, Saturday, August 22nd, at 10am. Guided by long-time QAHS member Kim Turner, this year’s tour focuses on gravesites of people affiliated with the former Queen Anne High School – faculty, students, and people involved in the inception and creation of the building, which now houses condos.

You can check out the cemetery map, courtesy of the QAHS, below:

Mt Pleasant Cemetery map

The tour is free and will begin at 10am. It’s estimated to run until noon.

Mt Pleasant cemetery is privately owned and operated – signs posted at the entrance state that dogs are not allowed. The QAHS tour is free and open to all (except dogs, per Mt Pleasant rules).


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