Once Upon a Time closing its doors on Upper Queen Anne

Posted on November 16th, 2015 by Laura Fonda

Once Upon A TimeThe owner of Once Upon a Time children’s toy & clothing shop is getting ready to retire and move on to a new chapter. While the owner is retiring from retail sales and turning her attention to a burgeoning flower farm, the shop at 1622 Queen Anne Ave N will have kids-wares available for the holidays.

Meanwhile, that means two things: an upcoming retirement sale and an opportunity for a future small business owner. The sale will begin in December, so plan ahead for deals on toys, clothing, shoes, and more. And, ideally, someone will take over the shop and continue the tradition of a kid-focused store on Queen Anne Ave N.

If you’re interested in the shop – or know someone who might be – get in contact via email at jeannette@unionbaygroup.com or call 206-818-2909.  And, get ready to stop by and say goodbye to a local merchant.

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