February 15

Watch real-time weather and time lapses via the Queen Anne Weather Cam

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Did you hear the wind howl last night? When I did, I checked for wind gust speeds on Queen Anne, to better assess the likelihood of a power outage from tree limbs. During wild weather, I check local Weather Underground stations to update readers via Facebook and Twitter – and we have a new weather station, Seattle Queen Anne Weather Cam, that provides all of the rich Weather Underground data plus a live view from southeast Queen Anne. Here’s that view from last week, one of those days with a spectacular sunrise:

A local Queen Anne resident set up the new weather cam on the roof of his house near 2nd Ave N & Lee St. For those interested in the technical setup, he used a Raspberry Pi 2 with the camera module, protected by an outdoor waterproof case and mounted on the roof. Voila! Queen Anne residents get a weather cam and stats to please any weather bug.

Even better, you can check out time lapses created with images from the weather cam. Each night, a new time lapse is posted to YouTube, so you can see the day’s weather events unfold. The weather cam captures images every 75 seconds and uploads them automatically. Here’s yesterday’s time lapse:

In the time lapses, you can see how the day and night progress. On clear nights, you can see the moon move across the sky, and sunrises and sunsets color the backdrop of the cityscape during the daytime. My favorite may be the clouds as they move in, but that’s because I love our cloudy skies.

Check out the Queen Anne Weather Cam for live weather images and stats, and the YouTube channel for daily time lapses. If you’re a weather buff, it’s a must.


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