November 2

Over 15 miles and 102 Queen Anne stairways in one day!

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I’ve climbed all of Queen Anne’s stairways, as have others in the neighborhood – but, a visitor from Los Angeles took it a step (or steps) further and created a 15.6 mile route with 102 Queen Anne stairways that he traversed in ONE DAY.

That’s right, Dan Gutierrez, mapped out a route and tackled Queen Anne in one day. And, as an avid stair climber, the route was “a perfect distance for a day walk for me with a lunch break; enough distance to get a good workout, but not so long that I would be too sore to fly back to LAX the next morning.”

You can read all about his planning and the walk, along with his photos of Queen Anne stairways on the SoCal Stair Climbers blog – highly recommended!

Here’s the route map from his site, it’ll inspire (or intimidate) you:

It’s great to see Queen Anne so well covered – both by foot and by prose – in his blog post. What a way to see a new city or neighborhood!


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