Seattle Animal Shelter Pet of the Week: Liam & Nemo

Posted on May 29th, 2017 by Laura Fonda

Liam and Nemo are active, young guinea pigs who are looking for their forever home!

Liam is a sociable guy who will rush out from his hidey to greet you. He loves to play with chew sticks, tunnels, his brother Nemo, and will crawl all over you during floor time.

Nemo is a curious, yet tentative, young guinea pig who likes to let his brother Liam take the lead. He’s always got his brother’s back, following him wherever he goes. They are bonded and must be adopted together.

Guinea pig living quarters are at least 18 inches wide, 14 inches high, and 25 inches deep. The larger the cage, the more active they can be!

When choosing floor linings and cage furnishings, keep in mind that guinea pigs will chew on just about anything to wear down their constantly growing teeth, so everything placed in the cage must be nontoxic. Use plenty of lining material like shredded ink-free paper or commercial nesting materials available at pet-supply stores. Do not use sawdust or cedar chips as that may cause health respiratory or other health problems.

Guinea pigs are herbivores and need access to lots of timothy hay, commercial guinea pig food, and fruits and vegetables. Guinea pigs need gnawing logs, tunnels to crawl through and lots of love!

If you are interested in adopting Liam (SAS ID: 35199246) and Nemo (SAS ID: 35199260), please fill out a Small Animal Application available at the Shelter or online and then meet with an animal care officer for review. The Seattle Animal Shelter is located at 2061 15th Ave W.

Disclaimer: Queen Anne View has not met any of these pets – SAS is providing us with the description, as they know them well. We encourage potential adopters to get in touch with SAS and work with them to evaluate the compatibility of your home and a new pet. Happy adopting!

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