Check out the new Howe stairway and take a survey on the next stairway renovation

Posted on June 17th, 2017 by Laura Fonda

This year, two Queen Anne stairways were on SDOT’s list for rehabbing and renovation. The work on these stairways, one between 5th Ave N and Bigelow Ave N and one under the Aurora bridge, are near complete. Here’s the before and near-after for the former, quite a difference:


Now, SDOT is asking for input on the stairways identified for work in 2018. This go-around, only one stairway belongs to Queen Anne. This particular stairway is located between Raye St and 5th Ave N:

SDOT is asking for feedback on the stairway, how you use it, amenities you’d like see added (if any), and comments on the work. You can take the survey here, be sure toe select the Raye St and 5th Ave N so the comments are collected for the lone Queen Anne stairway on the 2018 list.

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