Chocolopolis moving to Interbay after Queen Anne lease is up

Posted on July 10th, 2017 by Laura Fonda

Back in April, Chocolopolis owner Lauren Adler announced that the shop would be leaving its Queen Anne location at the end of its lease. The lease is up on July 31st and Adler has announced the new location for Chocolopolis: Interbay. So, not too far away!

The new location is at the Interbay Work Lofts at 1631 15th Ave W, Suite 111, the building next to Whole Foods. The new location won’t be a traditional retail space, but there will be a small version of the shop carrying most of the same products you know and love. The days and hours haven’t been set yet, and you can take a survey today to help determine them, as well as your favorite day for Chocolate Happy Hour.

The new location will allow Adler and her team to focus on curation, education, and community engagement without getting spread too thin. Unfortunately, for now the drinking chocolate and in-house hand-crafted chocolates will be going away – but Adler is open to solutions in the future.

A big bonus of the new space: more common rooms for larger chocolate tasting and pairing events. You’ll also still be able to get curated craft chocolate bars and truffles by the piece. Plus, the new location is more cost effective overall – Chocolopolis may be leaving Queen Anne, but it’s not leaving Seattle, which is goodness!

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