Comments for 27-unit apartment building across from Queen Anne Library accepted until September 20

Posted on September 11th, 2017 by Laura Fonda

In July, the developers for the old Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Garfield Exchange Building hosted a public meeting to inform neighbors of the plans to turn the historic building into 27 apartments. The plan includes a 4th story addition to the building at 1529 4th Ave W, along with limited underground parking (14 spots).

Neighbors who attended the meeting expressed concerns with congestion and parking around the Queen Anne branch of the Seattle Public Library. Many have submitted comments already, and now the comment period for the project has been extended to September 2oth.

If you have questions or concerns about this project, you can submit them via email to – put “Project #3027522” in the subject line.

Details on the project, as well as public comments submitted to date, are available online – you can find information by going here and entering either the project number (3027522) or the address (1529 4th Ave W). [Note: the project # is not currently working, so try the address if that’s the case for you.]

3 responses to “Comments for 27-unit apartment building across from Queen Anne Library accepted until September 20”

  1. Sarah Bitter says:

    Good. This city needs more housing. Parking issues are not extreme. I live nearby. Maybe make some parking in front of the library dedicated during library hours and some in front of the preschool dedicated for preschool dropoff (30 min?), like the school loading zones. I wanted this building used for a school, but it might as well be housing.

  2. Old Detroit says:

    OK, 27 apartments. How many square feet on typical units are? Some will be available for Munchkins, and “normal” would be there, or some “larger” or …?

  3. Denise says:

    Maybe some people can walk to the library and leave their car at home. We need housing in Seattle. I hope that the apartments will be luxury and more affordable for average people.

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