Sale pending for ACS building; parking lot potentially becoming 40 unit building

Posted on November 12th, 2017 by Laura Fonda

A sale is pending for the historic 1923 building next to Queen Anne Manor and to the west of Safeway on 2120 1st Ave N. Currently owned by the American Cancer Society (ACS), the building and its adjoining parking lot are now listed as pending. The ACS is selling the building with an agreement to rent back the space through March 2019.

Preliminary plans for the property include a new 40 unit development to replace the southern parking lot at the corner of 1st Ave N and Crockett. The 1923 brick building would remain intact as a potential office space for the new residential building.

According to the Daily Journal of Commerce, Equinox Properties is under contract to purchase the property and has filed a plan for Arbor Space, a 40 unit building with one underground parking level. Equinox has hired architecture firm Skidmore Janette for the new building. This new development would be built where the existing parking lot now stands:

The corner will become a hotbed of construction with Safeway’s upcoming rebuild which includes a new 5-story building with Safeway on the first floor, 250 apartments above, and underground parking for 314 vehicles.

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  1. @TimKerrick says:

    yeah, because that’s what our neighborhood needs another overpriced apartment complex no one can afford to live in

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